1. How does it all work?

100 Women Who Care is made up of at least 100 registered members who are committed to seeing their charitable efforts have a direct and immediate local impact. We welcome new members at every meeting.  Every member who registers is committed to donating $400 a year to a chosen charity. When each woman registers, she nominates one not-for-profit or charity group to be in the running to receive a donation. One week before each meeting, 3 charities will be drawn at random and will be contacted to prepare a short (5 minute) presentation on the night of the meeting. From those charities, everyone present at the meeting will then vote for a winner and $100 cheques are written out and donated on the spot to the charity receiving the most votes! If there is a tie vote, a coin toss or other tie-breaker game will decide the winner (i.e. rock paper scissors).

100 women x $100 = $10,000 (or more)!

2. How do I become a member of 100 Women Who Care Fredericton?

To become a member of 100 Women in Fredericton, click on the link at the top labelled “join us” to fill out our registration form. This will be your commitment to attend 4 yearly meetings with a donation of $100.

3. How did 100 Women Who Care Fredericton get started?

This Fredericton chapter was started in 2013 by Anna Migchels (Founder & CEO of Massage2Go), and Donna Gardiner (Gardiner Realty). For more information about Anna and Donna, and why they started 100 Women, see their bios and picture on the homepage.

4. How many meetings am I required to attend?

In Fredericton we require a commitment at registration to attend/donate at all four meetings per year. This is to ensure that we have a minimum of 100 women at each meeting and are able to create the most significant local positive impact.

5. What if I cannot attend a meeting?

Before each meeting, an email will be sent out, to which all of our members are asked to RSVP. If you have RSVP’d “no” then please contact the organizers to let them know if you will be using your one “opt-out”. If you have used your opt-out but are still unable to attend a meeting, you will still be required to donate your $100 cheque. If this is the case you have 2 options.

  1. You may connect with one of the organizers to donate your signed, unaddressed cheque up to three days before the meeting. It is required to be done before the meeting as the purpose is to donate all of the money on the night of the meeting.
  2. You may allow a trusted friend to bring your signed, unaddressed cheque to the meeting for you to be donated in your absence. This will not count as a vote however; only present members may vote on the charities at the meeting.

6. How do the charities get picked? Which charities are eligible?

When each member signs up, she nominates one registered charity or not-for-profit group with her registration form. Please read the criteria on the “charities” page before nominating. Once you have nominated a charity, you may not nominate again until the next year- this includes those whose charity gets picked for donation. Any registered not-for-profit group or charity that has existed for over 1 year, and serves Fredericton or the surrounding area is eligible for nomination.

7. Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! Tax receipts will be written out by the awarded charity, NOT by 100 Women Who Care. This is what your mailing address information will be used for. Expect to receive your receipt of donation within a month of each meeting.

8. Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely, the more the merrier! We only ask that your friend donates a $100 cheque along with everyone else on the night that she attends. If your friend would like to be a member we will have registration forms available at the meeting; without being a registered and committed member though, friends are unable to vote for the charity at the meeting.

9. How do I RSVP to a meeting?

Every member will be emailed about an upcoming meeting and asked to RSVP.

You must RSVP to each quarterly meeting separately by clicking on the event on the right side of all pages, or by clicking here.  View the event and register your RSVP by clicking on "Response" in the "Your Response" box.

If you do not receive your emails, the event details will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our website. Please be sure to RSVP so that we are able to track donations.