Previous Recipients

March 23, 2014 Meeting


135 Women came together at Kingswood Lodge on March 23, 2014. This time they brought their daughter/granddaughters.

The three charities that presented were: The Charlotte Street Art Centre, The New Brunswick Highland Games and Hospice Fredericton.  The children had their own votes and supported the Charlotte Street Art Centre.

The recipient of the women's donation $13,500 was Hospice Fredericton.

Thank you 100WomenWhoCare-Fredericton!





November 24, 2013 Meeting


On November 24th, 2013, women came in the bitter cold to a beautiful warm and cozy lodge at Kingswood to select our second recipient.

Our guest speakers were from:The Fredericton SPCA, The Fredericton Food Bank, and the Fredericton Community Kitchen.

Thank you to each presenter for sharing your organizations goals and challenges. We appreciate you taking your time to share your needs.

Once again, this was a challenging vote.  All three charities needed our help, but working within the parameters of 100 Women Who Care and to create significant change the members voted to support The Fredericton Community Kitchen. They needed our help to lauch the Brown Bag Lunch program to students that were hungry at a local highschool.

And this is how quick YOU  too can make a difference in your community....

On Monday November 24, 2013, our membership voted to donate $15,600 to the Fredericton Community Kitchen

Three days later...The 1st brown bag lunches were being delivered to the students!

Imagine how well these children will be able to learn from this point on. Thank you Ladies!


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Our inaugural meeting of 100WomenWhoCare-Fredericton on September 24th was amazing to say the least. Your support for Fredericton charities is incredible.  

Thank you to all three speakers for sharing the needs of our community (Fredericton Homeless Shelter, Chalmers Hospital Foundation and Women inTransition House).  

Our membership voted to support Diane Power, Executive Director of Women in Transition House with $14,100 towards their project to break the chain of the next (5th) generation of their clients needing their services. Diane, we look forward hearing the progress of your project at Transition House.

A big "Thanks" to Andrew Kelly from for being at our meeting to capture these special moments.